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The Concert

2010-10-28 19:21:15 by TheHappySpaceman

In case you didn't remember from my last journal entry, I went to a Muse concert yesterday? Well, I've finally gotten a chance to get on the computer, so now I'm telling you about the concert. And I have three words.




At the concert, there were those big pillars and Muse stood on top of them! And Matthew's piano solo was amazing!

I also discovered, at the concert, that Chris Wolstenholme, the bass player, plays harmonica! I can too, so it was cool!

At one point, they tossed these huge balloons that looked like eyeballs (and were filled with feathers, I should know) out into the audience, and let them bounce the balloons around! Of course, they all either fell behind the stage or popped when handled by someone with long fingernails, but I don't mind.

I loved that concert.

If Muse ever comes to your town, go there.

You won't regret it.

Offline on Wednesday

2010-10-23 19:55:25 by TheHappySpaceman

I will be offline on Wednesday due to the fact that I'm going to a ROCK CONCERT!

But... it's not just any old ROCK CONCERT!

It is a... wait for it... MUSE CONCERT!!!

Yes, I am going to a Muse concert on Wednesday! How awesome is that?

I heard that there will be these raised platforms that Muse will stand on! press/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/muse-

I also heard that there will be a UFO flying into the audience with an acrobat hanging from it reaching for the people! x0/9a72465e-26ca-4f77-a08b-bb2c64ff224 4.jpg

This is gonna be so cool!

Anyway, I'd better be off now. See ya.

I got a Newgrounds account!

2010-07-12 11:33:52 by TheHappySpaceman

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Welcome to TheHappySpaceman Productions. I am Dan the Hedgehog. I'm 13, male, and like peanut butter. I also like making SonAmy and SalTails fanarts. If you little perverts like viewing SonAmy and SalTails fanarts, then my art (and flash) is for you!

I got a Newgrounds account!